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1.    Cash, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard with order.

2.    With approval 2% 10 days Net 30 days.

3.    Accounts are payable to BIISCO (Business, Industrial, Institutional Supply Company). PO Box 816 Sulphur Springs, Tx. 75483
4.    A completed tax exempt form should be sent with the first order if applicable.
5.    A $2.95 handling fee will be added to all orders.  While BIISCO does not have a minimum dollar order,  items may have a  minimum   
       quantity they must be purchased in.


1.    Orders may be placed with your BIISCO sales representative.

2.    Orders may be placed via FAX (903) 439-0239 or called in to BIISCO 903-885-9401.

3.    Orders may be mailed to P.O. Box 816 Sulphur Springs, TX 75483-0816.

4.     Orders may be emailed to or your BIISCO sales representative.  Orders may be in the text of the email or PDF file.

5.    The orders should reflect BIISCO as the vendor.

6.    All applicable charges should be included in the total dollar amount.

7.   All orders require your company purchase order number or authorization. Signature of the authorized purchasing agent making the purchase.
      Also include contact information for the purchaser if a question arises.

8.    For shortages, overages, and damages return the packing slip for that shipment to BIISCO after writing the following information on the back of the slip.

       a.    name of consignee.

       b.    packing list invoice number

       c.    number of items or cases received

       d.   items short, over or damaged

       e.    attach a copy of the delivery receipt from the company that delivered the shipment.

       f.     include your purchase order number and order date.

       g.    pictures of damaged product may be emailed to  (Total not to exceed 6MB per email)

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