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BIISCO offers a wide variety of cushioning options.  From polystyrene peanuts to custom cut high performance foams, BIISCO has a solution to your cushioning needs. 

Contact BIISCO at 903-885-9401 or email for more info.

Call 903-885-9401 or email  for custom orders, mil-spec items,  volume or contract pricing.
Expanded polystyrene is molded from the expansion and fusion of polystyrene beads. Low cost, low thermal conductivity, resilience, moldability to complex shapes and its buoyancy allow expended polystyrene to be used in an untold number of applications
Polyethylene Foam
Polyethylene Roll Foam is a strong, lightweight, flexible, all-purpose foam with excellent tear, puncture, and compression resistance.
Microfoam (TM) Polypropylene Foam
Microfoam(TM) Polypropylene Foam is the only low-density polypropylene foam on the market for your demanding packaging applications.
Crosslinked PE
Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam is a unique closed cell foam with an extremely fine celled molecular structure. It is an aesthetically pleasing material offering exceptional mechanical strength and durability.
Polyethylene Plank Foam
Polyethylene is an extruded expended material that is tough, flexible, closed cell and resilient. It is used extensively in the packaging, agricultural, construction and recreation industries.
Peanuts and Peanut Dispenser
Foam peanuts, also known as packing peanuts are a common loose-fill packaging and cushioning material used to prevent damage to fragile objects during shipping.
Cushioning with smaller bubbles is used as lightweight, intermediate wrap. Larger bubbles are more often used as product cushioning and void fill.
Anti-static bubble is specifically designed to protect ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)-sensitive electronic components from damage caused by static electricity
Cellulose Wadding
Recyclable cellulose wadding is used in a number of cushioning products. .
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